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Welcome to this site dedicated to tattoos. Throughout these sections we will discuss the most relevant topics regarding the fantastic world of printing on the skin. It is our goal to advice so that you can be properly informed about the different options that exist and can obtain the desired result. Day by day, tattoos are becoming part of our daily life and are leaving aside their marginal feature. People see the tattoo as art instead of as a vandal’s act. Fortunately, this is what happens; not only not to be blind at this expression of beauty but also to avoid discriminating people related to this art: from the tattooists, who are discriminated as workers, to the people who get a tattoo, who are shamefully discriminated when applying for a job. Little by little, people’s arrogance towards tattoos is diminishing and they are gradually accepting that people are free to do what ever they want with their own bodies. This has generated a great interest in these drawings on the skin and the number of people who get a tattoo is increasing everyday. On this site we want to offer you everything you need to carry out this project with all the possible information to choose the best option and avoid unnecessary risks.

In each section on this page you will find information about a particular topic regarding tattoos. Our goal is to make you aware of all the necessary information and dispel all your doubts. We will start by giving a precise definition of the tattoo in What is a tattoo? Then, we will provide a brief review about the origin and development of this art in History of the Tattoo. Pieces of advice is a section dedicated to the different suggestions that will help you to choose the best option in relation to the tattoo you want to get. In How will I be tattooed? we will explain the typical tattoo procedure. You will learn what the tattoos are about and which are the different types, together with the suggestions, to be able to combine them in Types of tattoos. In Can a tattoo be removed? this frequent question will be answered. In the section called Precautions we will enumerate all the precautions and hygienic cares that you should bear in mind when getting a tattoo done. In Tattoo care we will make a series of recommendations to take care of your tattoo both immediately afterwards you get it and afterwards in life. Finally, we will talk about the tattoos that last for a certain period of time in Temporary tattoos.

We would like to thank you for choosing us to guide you in this important decision. It is our desire that you are satisfied and happy with your tattoo, and that you take all the necessary precautions so that it does not become a problem. We invite you to surf this site about tattoos and dreams that are printed on the skin.

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