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For a tattoo to be what you wanted it to be, you have to take care of it. After you get tattooed, you are given a series of indications that you’d better take at face value in order to avoid ruining the tattoo. We will now provide a list with things to bear in mind once the tattoo is done.

You should protect the tattoo at least 24 hours with a bandage or packing film. In case you use a bandage, note it does not come to pieces and sticks to the wound.

When you take the bandage off, you have to wash the tattoo. You should not touch the tattoo, not put on tight clothes on it and, under no circumstances, should you take off the crusts and scratch. If you do this, the ink will come off and there will be blank spaces on the design.

Wash the tattoo three to four times a day with neutral glycerin or bactericidal soap. You should avoid perfumed soaps and alcohol since they dry the tattoo and the skin gets damaged.

Apply the antibiotic cream indicated by the artist two to three times a day. The function of this cream is to avoid infections: it cannot be replaced by moisturizing cream or Vaseline. Anyhow, the antibiotic cream also moisturizes the skin and provides relief. You must be careful when applying it not to take off the crusts.

In case of irritation or swelling, using ice can control this. You should use ice directly to prevent the cloth you may use to wrap it from damaging the tattoo due to its roughness and make sure it is clean enough to put it on the skin.

For a few months after the tattoo is done (and, of course, during the process), you have to avoid swimming pools, hot baths, Jacuzzis, hydrotherapy, the sea and sun. Until it is properly healed, the tattoo cannot be exposed to any of these. However, this does not imply that they will not damage the tattoo once it is healed. You have to avoid them in order to keep the tattoo in good conditions. Of course, not many people follow these suggestions for a long period of time. In such a case, you should put on some sun block in order to protect the tattoo when it is exposed.

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