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In this section we will describe the standard tattooing procedure. This will be a description of what generally occurs though it does not mean that any thing that does not conform to this review is a bad thing: it may be or it may be just a different way to do this.

It all begins when the client enters the shop and waits to be attended to. Then, he will choose what to get tattooed, if he has not decided it yet. Afterwards, the artist calls the client and he sits on the seat or couch to get the tattoo done. It is very likely that the place is private, though there are many shops that do them next the shop’s windows. The artist decides whether there can be anyone accompanying the client or not. Once the client tells him what he wants, the artist shaves the area. Some artists draw a sketch with a marker as a way to view it or as a guide to tattoo it. Once the area is shaved, it has to be disinfected ?this is done with a wad of cotton wet in alcohol. Then, the artist starts to get ready: he opens a packet of disposable needles and puts them on the tattoo machine (obviously, the machine is not a disposable one), he puts on new and clean latex gloves (may be just on the hand with which he draws) and he may also wear a mask. Then he adjusts the machine so that it has the right speed and power, and he covers the area with Vaseline in order to slide over it. The artist explains the whole procedure and shows the client how he opens every packet so that the client feels safe. After all the preparation, the tattooing begins. He first draws the outlines, i.e. the lines that give shape to the tattoo. If during the procedure the client bleeds (something that is very likely to happen), the artist will remove the blood with a disposable item, such as a piece of kitchen paper or a cloth. Once the outline is done, the artist removes the needles from the machine and he puts on new ones. They are thicker, since they are used to put color on the tattoo. The coloration procedure consists of passing the machine over and over again until you reach the desired color. When the tattoo is finished, it is disinfected, covered with Vaseline and wrapped in packing film to protect it. It may happen that the one getting the tattoo gets dizzy or nauseated, due to low blood pressure. This is very common when you get your first tattoo. If this should happen, you just take a few minutes, drink a soft drink and continue with the procedure when ready.

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