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In this section we will provide pieces of advice for those who are thinking of getting a tattoo. We will try to cover all the possible aspects in which we can help you. Each item will deal with a different aspect.

Location: The place where you want your tattoo has to be a strategic one. Since you can get a tattoo on any part of your body, you have no restrictions. However, you should consider certain things.

Tattoos cannot be done on recent scars. According to the type of wound, the healing time goes from 6 months to 2 years. Obviously, some scars that distort the body, such as burnings, are not good places to have a tattoo on.

The pain that tattoos cause is not a big thing, though it may be so if you get a tattoo on the ribs. This area is considered to be the most sensitive to the pain caused by the tattoo machine.

We also have to bear in mind if we want to expose our tattoo or not. We can have a tattoo that is easily seen, one that is only seen when being intimate with someone, one easily seen by others but not easily seen by ourselves (e.g.: a tattoo on the back). A very easily seen tattoo can be a problem when applying for a job and in our daily life due to the stupidity of certain people who attack those who have tattoos. Obviously, this is not happening as much as it used to happen, since society has taken tattoos as something ordinary. A tattoo that is only seen when being intimate is just something else to share with the other person. And the tattoo that cannot be seen by the one who has it is just a choice he makes in order not to get tired of it, or maybe he just wants to tattoo something really big and he needs a big area to do it, such as his back.

Some people decide to tattoo certain part of the body because the clothes they wear expose it. Many women like to tattoo their scapula so that it can be easily seen when wearing t-shirts. Many men tattoo their shoulders for the same reason. Other typical places regarding clothing are the lower back and belly, ankles and feet.

Precautions: Something to bear in mind when tattooing is to have all the right vaccines, specially hepatitis and tetanus. Another thing to consider is keloids. They are a hypertrophied and fibrous overgrowth of tissue that some bodies produce. These scars can be a problem for the tattoo and the idea of not tattooing in that zone should be considered. But do not worry since keloids are not dangerous; they are just ugly and besides there are a lot of treatments to eliminate them. You can easily check on the Web the vaccination calendar of each country.

Hygiene: You should be aware of the hygienic conditions of the place where you are getting the tattoo. It should be certified by the corresponding regulatory agency. You should not get a tattoo from a place you do not trust, because though your fear may be unfounded, you will not enjoy the moment there and a good experience will turn into an unpleasant moment. The tattooist must wear latex gloves and use disposable material.

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