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In this section we will enumerate the precautions to take into account when you get a tattoo done. Nonetheless, we do not want these precautions to make this procedure something dangerous but, simply, we give them as suggestions to be taken into account.

The first thing is to make sure you have the vaccination calendar complete. As the tattoo can transmit hepatitis and tetanus, it is convenient to be vaccinated. Every country has its own official vaccination calendar, which you can check on the Internet. If you notice you are missing a vaccine or a dose, you’d better get vaccinated.

Hygienic precautions of the tattoo shop consist in keeping the place clean and have the authorization of the corresponding Public Health Agency. Tattoo shops have a sign that certificates its municipal permit to work with body fluids and the like. On the other hand, they must use disposable material. This is a very important point since if they do not use disposable material there is great risk of catching several diseases, such as hepatitis, tetanus, and even HIV. This is a list of the disposable material to be used:

Needles: The ones used to tattoo; they cannot be reused, even though they were used by us to tattoo ourselves.

Gloves: Latex gloves are disposable ?they must not be reused. Once the artist takes them off, they must be disposed, not matter if they were taken off only for a moment, because once they are placed on a dirty place, if you reuse them you can infect the client.

Inks: Inks are also disposable; they cannot be reused either. No matter if they have not been entirely used; once you introduce the needle in them, they cannot be used with another client. The same goes for the ink pots.

Cleaning elements: Those things are what the artist uses to disinfect, shave or clean the tattooed area. They can only be used for one person.

All the used elements must be properly sterilized. Smoking is not allowed while tattooing, and it is not advisable to get a tattoo from a person under the influence of drugs.

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