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Henna tattoos are temporary and they do not cause any pain. The custom of doing tattoos with this plant extraction comes from Morocco, where women paint their hands and feet as a cultural act. They apply henna with a brush, fingers, a pencil, a syringe or anything at all. These tattoos consist of painting on the skin without drilling it. No needles are used. They do not cause any pain. And they last for two or three weeks. If you want to remove the tattoo beforehand, you only have to clean the area with alcohol.

The painting of the design is quickly done. And after it is done, you will have to wait for 3 to 4 hours before taking off the excess. To make it last longer, avoid rubbing it while having a shower, do not use strong soaps (the best option is neutral glycerin soap) and do not use corrosive products such as alcohol, concentrate detergents and thinners.

Henna color is intense black though it varies according to the type of skin, the body temperature, the Ph of the skin, the body area on which it is applied, the henna quality and the contrast the tattoo has with the clothes you wear.

To properly take care of the tattoo you may cover it with Vaseline when having a bath or when entering the sea, river or swimming pool. The latter is especially harmful due to the presence of chlorine in the water.

With henna tattoos there is no risk of transmitting any disease. As they are applied on the skin, there is no such a risk. Therefore, hygienic conditions are not so strict as those of common tattoos. It is not weird to find henna tattooists with stands on the beach: these are perfectly safe stands.

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